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    Using the maternity fund to buy an apartment is an effective tool for living conditions improvement. The maternity fund is provided to the families with two or three children. Money from the maternity fund can be used to acquire an apartment in Residential Complexes of Polis Group company at any stage of construction.  

    Polis Group company allows to use the maternity fund as the down payment for an apartment in the new building in case such apartment is acquired with means of the mortgage loan, in particular:

    -       As an installment payment

    -       To repay the principal debt and to repay interest amounts for the mortgage loan

    -       As the deficient amount in case of 100% payment

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  • Special credit program for new occupants from Polis Group and CB LOKO-Bank (JSC)

    Dear clients!

    The Polis Group company and CB LOKO-Bank (JSC) are eager to tell you about a special credit program for new occupants 

    The loan of up to 3 mln rubles is to be registered before acquisition of a parking zone, before starting finishing works or for other needs new occupants may have. The interest rate is min. 16.4% - with the car pledged; min. 17.4% - in case the credit is unsecured. Credit term is up to 7 years. Preschedule repayment without restrictions or fees is possible. 

    For more information call the Mortgage department of Polis Group: 642-55-22 add/ (138).

     * Interest rate of 17.4% for the cash loan LOKO-Lux Profitable Corp. in Russian rubles is offered in case consumer loans are provided to natural persons, in case the loaner takes the life insurance, in case the monthly payment is turned to the account at least in 10 calendar days before it is to be paid and in loan securities are provided – pledge of a foreign car that will be max. 16 years old when the credit period ends, in case there is a certificate of state registration of the ownership right for real estate / shared construction participation agreement. Within the period since the credit was provided and the first date when the next payment is to be paid the interest rate increases by 1.5% per month. In case the client refuses to sign the life insurance agreement the interest rate is increased by 3% per annum; in case the client refuses to put the monthly payment to the account 10 days before it is to be paid, the interest rate is increased by 2%п.,. The credit can be prepaid partially or completely without additional fees, since the first month, Regular set of documents of the Loaner necessary to get the credit: Loan application form, passport of the RF citizen. After the Bank considers the loan application form, the Bank is entitled to ask to provide some additional documents/ The terms provided are valid as of February 18, 2016. This offer is only provided for information and isn’t a public offer, as the latter is determined in Article 437 (2) of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Promotional material. CB LOKO-Bank (JSC). General license of the Bank of Russia №2707. www.lockobank.ru

  • Finished apartments!

    Dear customers, please, be informed that all apartments in the RE Moy Gorod (My Town), building 14, are offered for sale finely finished! By now there are still apartments of various layouts and areas on sale, including studious of minimum 24 m2, one-room flats of minimum 30 m2, as well as 2-room and 2-room European apartments. The site of the RE Moy Gorod (My Town) are accomplished with children playgrounds, sports grounds, recreation zones, parking zones, kindergartens and a school. Moreover, there are open parking zones provided for every block.

    For more information contact the Sales department, 642-55-22

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Ready apartments in commissioned houses

Dear clients! The Polis Group offers you to buy ready apartments in commissioned houses at the price from 1.9 mln rubles.  For more information call the Sales office 8 (812) 642-55-22.


The Apartment Is One Million Down

**You can save one million rubles in case you buy a two-room apartment of 60 square meters in RE Vernisazh on mortgage or with 100% down payment, the ultimate cost will be 4 292 648 rubles. In case of installment payments a two-room apartment in RE Vernisazh will cost 5 365 810 rubles. Interest-free installment plan is offered by TIN Grupp LLC with the first installment of 30%, for the period of 48 months. TIN Grupp LLC Developer, see project declarations on our site polis-group.ru…