The Polis Group Company

Over the period from 2010 to 2015 the Company finished and started construction of many facilities with total area of about 1 million square meters.

The Developer expects some positive dynamics in his business.

Over 20 facilities

are under construction St-Petersburg and the Leningrad region

397 832 m2

of residential premises have already been commissioned into operation

Over 10 000 apartments

were commissioned by 2016

Over 3000 children

will be able to attend schools and kindergartens opened by Polis Group by 2018

3248 Mortgage deals

signed with our clients in 2015

Over 700 000 m2

we are going to construct in 2016

About the Company

The Building Company Polis Group has been constructing residential and industrial buildings in St-Petersburg and the Leningrad region since 2010. 

The Company’s objective is design and construction of unique and complex residential buildings sold at reasonable prices.

The Company’s mission is to create comfortable living environment by means of modern residential complexes and infrastructural facilities. This should be the environment enhancing living standards, promoting success and prosperity of our customers.

The Company’s strategy is erection of modern buildings supporting the concept of high-quality, comfortable and nice-looking housing accommodation today and tomorrow.

The Company’s operation concept

Guideline 1: Focus on the Customer

Our success depends on satisfaction of our customers, buying our apartments, that’s why Polis Group doesn’t just build residential houses, but also focuses on the social infrastructure development, including kindergartens, schools, sports grounds, parking areas and recreation zones into its projects.

A special department is responsible for customer support and feedback from interest holders and people moving in the Polis Group apartments. This department is ready to respond to any questions and requests promptly.

Guideline 2: Professionalism

During the period of its operation the Polis Group Company proved to be a reliable developer able of commissioning its projects on time. During all stages of construction, from the construction site preparation to finishing works, our specialists ensure project management along with continuous quality assurance. Every year we commission more and more facilities into operation. In 2013 they were 4, in 2014 we intend to commission 6 facilities, and in 2015 - 15.

Polis Group is expanding cooperation with leaders of the mortgage market. Facilities being constructed by the Company have been accredited by many banks. Sberbank Rossii, VTB 24 and Bank Sankt-Peterburg are our strategic partners.

Guideline 3: Innovative Approach

Due to the innovative approach to work, Polis Group can improve its buildings and make the living environment more comfortable, though, at reasonable prices. We aim to apply the most advanced construction technologies and methods of business planning. That’s why our Company is steadily increasing scopes of its projects, undertaking more and more complicated tasks and being enthusiastic about the future.

Guideline 4: Team Work

Specialists of all departments of the Polis Group Company work in synergy, which allows them to solve the assigned tasks and grants the Company indisputable competitive advantages. The team-based approach suggests cooperation of variously specialized experts for the good of the general purpose along with high degree responsibility of each employee, and that is why our customers are sure to feel joie de vivre in the new house, matching all requirements of a modern citizen.

Guideline 5: Honesty

The Polis Group Company keeps a high level of transparency and information availability. Building and commissioning permits are available to the public along with the design documents. We believe that honesty and transparency are our must towards our clients and partners, as well as all participants of the real estate market of St-Petersburg and the Leningrad region. That is how Polis Group contributes into the market of tomorrow, which is to be professional, civilized and responsible.

Thanks to all these guidelines, Polis Group is one of the leading developers in the region, providing more and more apartments in up-to-date high quality new houses offered at reasonable prices and being duly popular with the customers.

General director of "Group Policy" Romanov Ivan A.


RC Colors of Summer RC Colors of Summer 4th quarter of 2016
RC VernissageRC Vernissage4th quarter of 2015
RC My TownRC My TownIV квартал 2016
RC Birch GroveRC Birch Grove4th quarter of 2016
RC Austrian QuarterRC Austrian QuarterII квартал 2015
RC NordikaRC Nordika2013, 4th quarter
RC Union RC Union 2nd quarter of 2015

Delivered objects

RC Austrian Quarter, house 1RC Austrian Quarter, house 1
RC Austrian Quarter, house 2RC Austrian Quarter, house 2
RC Austrian Quarter, house 3RC Austrian Quarter, house 3
RC Austrian Quarter, house 4RC Austrian Quarter, house 4
RC VernissageRC Vernissage
RC VernissageRC Vernissage
RC My Town, house 1RC My Town, house 1
RC My Town, house 2RC My Town, house 2
RC My TownRC My Town
RC My TownRC My Town
RC My TownRC My Town
RC My TownRC My Town
RC My Town, house 9RC My Town, house 9
RC My Town, house 10RC My Town, house 10
RC My Town, house 11RC My Town, house 11
RC AmberRC Amber
RC VernissageRC Vernissage
RC Kostromskoy 14RC Kostromskoy 14
RC NordikaRC Nordika
RC UnionRC Union
RC House on the School Street RC House on the School Street
Webcams at construction sector