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Registration of equity participation contract

Where can I get the registered contract?

You can pick up the registered contract on weekdays from 09:00 to 19:00 at: Constitution square, 1, Building 2 - Head Office of "Polis-Group". You should bring the passport, power of attorney (in the case that you represent a client in our company). The Documents are handed out by the Secretary at the customer service department.

Purchase of Apartment

What type of contract is concluded with a customer?

"Polis Group" Company operates in accordance with Federal Law214 «On the equity participation in the construction of apartment buildings and other real estate". You can review the frame contract of equity construction in the head office of the company.

General questions about the contract

Is it possible to assign my rights under the contract, without waiting for the completion of construction?

At the stage of construction of the object, you can assign any of your rights under the contract. To do this, call the sales office, indicate the contract number, name, price of the apartment and contact information. Please note that after the signing of the Act of acceptance for the apartment, assigning your rights will be possible only after registration of the ownership of the apartment.

Procedure for acceptance of the apartment

What is the procedure for acceptance of the apartment?

First "Polis Group" Company obtains permission to commission the house. This document certifies that the construction of the house is made in full and in accordance with the construction permit; the house also meets the land development plan and project documentation. Then the procedure for the inspection of apartments starts. Then the Sharer is called to sign the act of acceptance of apartments and the issuance of keys.

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