The Apartment Is One Million Down


**You can save one million rubles in case you buy a two-room apartment of 60 square meters in RE Vernisazh on mortgage or with 100% down payment, the ultimate cost will be 4 292 648 rubles. In case of installment payments a two-room apartment in RE Vernisazh will cost 5 365 810 rubles. Interest-free installment plan is offered by TIN Grupp LLC with the first installment of 30%, for the period of 48 months. TIN Grupp LLC Developer, see project declarations on our site

* The indicated interest is valid in case the following conditions are observed: the client is the citizen of the Russian Federation; the credit is provided to buy one of the following from the legal body: 1) accommodation premises under construction under the shared construction participation agreement (the agreement of assignment of receivables under the indicated contract); 2) accommodations premises under the sale and purchase agreement under the condition that the seller – the legal body – is the first owner of the accommodation premises and has registered his property right to the accommodation premises after the real estate unit was commissioned; the credit period is from 1 year to 25 years, initial contribution is at least 20 % from the price of the real estate acquired; credit amount is from 500 thousand rubles up to 8 mln rubles – for accommodation premises within St-Petersburg and the Leningrad region; the personal insurance contract and the accommodation premises insurance contract must be signed (after registration of the property right); the credit contract remains effective until the Parties fulfill their obligations completely. Penalty for every calendar day of overdue is 0.1% from the overdue amount. The credit currency is RF rubles. The offer is effective as of April 8th, 2016. Raiffeisenbank JSC considers signing of every credit agreement on the basis of all data provided and in accordance with requirements to developers. General license of the Bank of Russia No. 3292 dated February 17th, 2015.